argan oil
argan oil

Argan oil is a real treasure for our skin.

Our organic Argan oil is  obtained by cold pressing of unroasted kernels of argan fruit tree (argania spinosa), a typical  tree of southern Morocco. Thanks to modern technology of extraction it keeps in time its high cosmetic properties.


Unlike in the traditional method, modern extraction technology that does not use water during the elaboration, that's why argan oil maintaining its properties for longer period. 




inci: argania spinosa kernel oil

method of extraction: cold pressing of  unroasted kernels

origin: Morocco

quality: 100 % pure and organic

argan oil



Antioxidants and Vitamins E make it a valuable ally for our skin

and helps to neutralize free radicals. Argan oil protects the skin from the action of premature aging.




The  argan oil is the best natural cosmetic product that gives strength and shine to brittle hair, dyed and dehydrated.  Thanks to its light texture formula, it is immediately absorbed by the dry hair making it soft and full of life. Keep scalp healthy and nourished. 



Unroasted Argan oil, used for massage helps to stretch the muscles enhancing the relax and wellness.Restores firmness to the tissues and maintains skin hydration.