prickly pear
prickly pear

MAROCÊTRE Prickly pear seed oil is a vegetable high quality oil certified organic obtained with the cold pressing of the seeds without the use of any chemical treatment.

To get one liter of pure prickly pear seed oil we need 30 kg of seeds, from 800 kg to 1000 kg of prickly pear fruits. The result is a premium product with great properties



The high content in  unsaturated fatty acids, more than 80% of which linoleic acid (omega 6,61%) and oleic acid (omega 3, 22%), besides to it's richness in tocopherols  and tocotrienols, known as  natural antioxidants (1000 mg/kg), makes prickly pear seed oil one of the main protagonists  in the anti aging cosmetic formulation. 

It's unmatched value among the cosmetic oils is due to it's unique characteristics.

inci: opuntia ficus indica seed oil

method of extraction: cold pressing of the seeds 

origin: Morocco

quality: 100 % pure and organic


organic prickly pear seed oil regenerates and helps the natural process of skin repair

prevents premature wrinkle formation

un excellent emollient and revitalizer

nourishes the skin deeply thanks to its light texture

restores firmness and tone to the skin making it silky and feeling smooth

high quality organic prickly pear seed oil increases the value of your cosmetic formulation