MAROCÊTRE Black seed oil is obtained by cold pressing the small black seeds of nigella sativa flower. Also known by the name of black cumin.


Black seed oil is composed by 16.8% of saturated fatty acids and an impressive amount of unsaturated fatty acids 82.9%. Black seed oil is also rich in phytosterols like stigmasterol, un excellent antioxidant which protects from free radicalsß- Sitosterols that helps hair growth and the presence of Campesterol which makes Black seed oil a strong anti-inflammatory. 


An excellent remedy for dry, sensitive and irritated skin when used with other carrier oils have a regenerating and a nourishing action

Inci: nigella sativa oil

method of extraction: cold pressing of  the black seeds 

origin: Morocco

quality: 100 % pure and natural


hair care


Black seed oil is a great ally of the hair, improve the quality of  frizzy and opaque hair making it strong and healthy and, above all, helps hair growth in case of intense loss.